General Information:

Vip District S.L from this point forward “Vip District”, is the owner of this website and of the present general terms of access and use of the Portal, from this point forward, Terms of use.

Vip District is a service that has hired a promoter entity (company, organisation, etc.) to which you belong and take part as a member. Therefore, as a user, by using this website you authorise Vip District to Exchange information with aforesaid entity, so it has statistical knowledge through the website of the members who use the services, as well as unsubscribed users from Vip District. Likewise, access to the service offered by Vip District is subject to the user continues being a member of the promoter entity .

The access, registration and use of this website are voluntary and free of charge for the user, and attributes to whomever access it the condition of registered user.

The portal is subject to the rules and conditions specified below. By registering in it you expressly accept these conditions.

It is recommended that you read carefully the following conditions before carrying out any action, having the user at his disposal, in case of any doubt, complaint or claim, the following email address:


Website: pages owned by Vip District, hosted under diverse domains through which the promotions from our suppliers are offered.

Offer or promotion: offers or promotions made by our suppliers, which will be ultimately subject to the conditions set by themselves, available in the website.

Vip Account: the Vip Account is a virtual money box in which euros are accumulated from some of the online purchases on the Vip District website. With the euros of your Vip Account you can make other purchases of promotions or request a transfer of the balance to your personal bank account, without commissions.

Period of balance confirmation: time lapse from the moment the user makes the purchase until the supplier confirms to Vip District that this has been carried out correctly and that the discount amount can be transferred to the user's Vip Account. This period is variable depending on each provider and circumstances of the purchase, such as the check out date in case of hotel reservations.

Confirmed Balance: status of the transaction, where the supplier has confirmed to Vip District that the purchase has been made correctly by the user and he allows the reimbursement of the amounts corresponding to the percentages discounted with the purchase.

Suppliers: brands with which Vip District has reached agreements to offer preferential discounts through our website.

Object of the service:

Vip District places at the Registered User’ disposal, through the website, offers and promotions of suppliers, with more advantageous conditions than the habitual market ones, to which the user must always access through the Vip District website for making the purchase.

Terms of use

The user must register on the website and must have cookies enabled. Once these requirements are fulfilled, he will only have to click on the promotion he wants to hire, which can be made through any of the available types of exchange.

In the particular conditions of each promotion, the type of exchange will specified, which can be the following:

  • Online purchase: purchases are made on the website of the promotion. By clicking on the "online purchase" button, the system redirects you to the selected online purchase website. In some promotions, in order to apply the discount you must enter the promotional code that appears in the description of the promotion.
  • Direct purchase: purchases are made directly from the club’s website; only by clicking on "direct purchase", the purchase page of the selected product appears.
  • Voucher: Discounts printed on paper, to be exchanged in physical stores. To be able to access these purchases it is important that you identify yourself as the beneficiary with the printed voucher and the presentation of an ID card.
  • Mobile voucher: discount vouchers in the mobile, exchangeable in physical stores. To be able to access these purchases it is important that you identify yourself as the beneficiary with the printed voucher and the presentation of an ID card.
  • Cashback: at the moment of purchase, the user will pay the normal price of the purchase; afterwards, the amount corresponding to the percentage of discount will appear in the user's Vip Account. At this moment, the user can decide the destination of this amount. The possibilities are to use this balance for subsequent purchases or to deposit it in the bank account of the user. In case of choosing the second option, the user must consider that the minimum amount to carry out a transfer is €10.

If the purchase is made directly from the supplier’s App or website, the discount will not be applicable to the purchase, so this amount will not be reflected in the user's Vip Account.

All promotions offered by Vip District are subject to the terms and conditions established by the final supplier, which must be carefully read by the user before making the purchase.

Vip District works with suppliers of recognized solvency. However, any discrepancy that may arise due to the service provided by the supplier must be resolved between the supplier and the user, because Vip District does not intercede in their commercial relationship.

For any incident that the user has regarding the services provided by Vip District, he can contact our customer service at 900670266.

User’s obligations:

The User agrees to use the service offered by Vip District according to the instructions indicated in these conditions and to the legal provisions in force.

The user undertakes to use in good faith and adequately the service offered by Vip District, as well as the contents provided on the website, and not to use them to carry out illicit activities or that may cause any harm to third parties.

User willingly to unsubscribe:

At any time, the user can unsubscribe himself from the service offered by Vip District by sending an email to the following address, or calling 900670266 communicating his express wish of cancellation of the service.

It will be the user’s responsibility to also request the transfer of the remaining confirmed amount of his Vip Account, before requesting the cancellation of the service.

Once the user's request to unsubscribe from the service has been received, Vip District will proceed to cancel the service of the user within 48 hours.

Unsubscribing effect:

Once the cancellation is processed, Vip District does not guarantee, in any case, that the user can reverse the situation or recover the remaining balance in your Vip Account and that he did not previously request.

Cancellation of the service by the contract holder company:

If for any reason the promoter entity of the program decides to end the contractual relationship with Vip District, or this ends due to causes foreseen in the contract, users will receive an informational communication of this situation by Vip District or the promoter entity of the program. Users may request, within the next 30 days after the receipt of the communication, the refund of the total remaining confirmed amount in their Vip Account, through the channels specified in the section “User willingly to unsubscribe”.

The informational communication ignorance of the users will not be opposable once the period set in the previous paragraph has elapsed, as the end date of the service will remain unalterable regardless of whether the user has read the communication or not. This will mean that if there are confirmed balances for which the refund has not been requested or if there are still unconfirmed amounts at the end of the established period, they will not be retrievable.

Vip District, once received the refund request of the confirmed amount, which will appear as pending transfer in the Vip Account of the requestor, will proceed to reintegrate it in a period of 72h subtracting to this amount the bank and manage expenses that may be generated in the operation.

Exclusion right:

Vip District reserves the right to remove and/or deny, without prior notice, access to the service to users if they make improper or fraudulent use of it.

Guarantee and responsibility:

Regarding the products and services acquired or contracted, as it is a direct commercial relationship between the suppliers and the user, Vip District is not responsible for any breaches committed by any supplier, or for possible non-conformities that the products or services they commercialise may present. Each supplier has its own sales conditions, so it is recommended to read them carefully before proceeding with any operation.

The mistakenly publication of an offer or promotion by Vip District, about the percentage or amount of the discount to be applied by a supplier, will cause Vip District to pay the difference in the mistake, as long as the user does not act in bad faith, the amount does not exceed fifty euros and the 5% of the total discount of the purchase, and the user has not been notified by Vip District, or by the supplier, about a different discount amount.

In the event that the user desists from the purchase or service contracted with our suppliers, Vip District will not accumulate the corresponding discount in the Vip Account of the registered user, or will subtract it if it has already been added on the aforesaid user’s account.

The user can find on this website links to other web pages, mainly from suppliers, through banners, links or other types of buttons, which are managed by third parties. Vip District has no authority to control the content provided by other websites linked from this Site.

Therefore, Vip District assumes no responsibility for any aspect related to these web pages which are linked from this site, and does not guarantee that such links may be free of viruses or other elements that may damage the user’s computer system or files.

In the opposite sense, Vip District neither assumes any responsibility for the contents of the web pages that may direct links to this website, or mentions to it which include opinions about the Vip District’s website and that may mislead users of aforesaid web pages about the services provided by Vip District.

Data Protection:

The personal data that the user provides for the registration will be handled according to the purposes established in the privacy policy of Vip District. Read this document carefully before proceeding to register on the Site.